Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Manic Monday...I mean Tuesday..

Hey all, sorry I missed Monday again! At least I'm still posting though right?? :)

I maintained  this week. I'm trying to track my points better this week, and drink more water.

Little Miss KBeaner is still loving her kitten Gus Gus! He sleeps with her most of the night, it is so sweet! 

This weekend a new Price Chopper opened in our town, now most people probably don't get the excitement of this, I am SO EXCITED! In our town we used to only have one grocery store that was overly priced and not open late. This new one is open 24 hours! We can save money, time and gas since we no longer will have to go 20 or so minutes to go grocery shopping. We went yesterday and by shopping sales and using coupons I saved $65!!! 

In other news I keep forgetting to tell you all that I have an Instagram account. If you want to follow me click here

I've also been really into SwagBucks. Do you use them?  I started about a month ago, its a site where you can watch videos, search the web and play games and you can earn points or "swagbucks". You can also buy things or sign up for different survey sites. Then when you have enough swagbucks you can redeem them for gift cards. So far I have earned $10 to Amazon! I haven't earned swagbucks by buying things or joining different survey sites, I've just been watching videos, playing games and searching the web. I'm sure if I did more of the offers I could have a ton of gift cards by now but I hate junk mail! 

These are my meals...
  • Sausage on the grill with bean salad and watermelon for dessert
  • Bean salad rice bowl
  • Healthy Pizza
  • Zucchini "pasta" with meat sauce
  • Leftovers

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