Thursday, November 21, 2013

A-Z Thankful for.... week 1 (B-G)

Here is the continuation of A-Z Thankful Project I am doing with my little one. Click here to see the letter "A".

B is for Ballet
KBeaner is thankful for ballet ...."I love it, I love dancing, and going to class with my teachers, and friends, and I learn new things"

C is for Crayons

KBeaner is thankful for them because...."I love them, I love to draw and all the colors!"

D is for Dad

 KBeaner said "I love Dad...I'm thankful for all the other dads too.. I like Papa.." and then she went on to list her Uncles and some of her friends' Dads! I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful of her to think of all the other great Dads she knows.

 KBeaner is thankful for Energy because... "Bo on the go, you run and give Bo energy!" We also talked about how she needs energy for dance and to play.
 F is for Family KBeaner is thankful for her family because she "loves them!"
She is thankful for Grandparents because ..." I LOVE THEM!!" she yelled that a few times

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