Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weigh In

It's my weigh in day, I'm still at 158 which is fine by me. Well lets be honest...mostly fine by me. I didn't gain so that is a big deal for me, I would have liked if I had lost weight this week, but I ate too much and didn't exercise enough.

I have been paying more attention to my portion sizes again, man was I going overboard on them! I am trying to focus on going back to the basics of my weight loss. This week I am mostly working on what I am eating (or not eating), once I get comfortable with this again I am going to concentrate on working out again and maintaining my healthy eating habits.

All about getting healthy, and living a long happy life. I have to remember that! It's not about looking good (although that's a nice bonus) it's about being a good example for my daughter and staying healthy.

I'm going to go chug some water should too!!

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