Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

My first Weigh In Wednesday in a long time! I stayed the same at 155 lbs.

I've been struggling to get back into working out, my back has been bothering me.. most likely because I have not been working out! When my back hurts it's easy to use that as an excuse, well I've been trying really hard not to use that as an excuse. I may not be able to workout as long and as vigourously as I normally would if I wasn't hurting, but I need to just grin and bear it!

On Monday I did Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum Rapido which is a quick 10 minute workout. I also went mini golfing.. can't really count it as exercise but it was a ton of fun!!

Tuesday I decided that I should challenge myself to get stronger. I'm going to try to do a plank every day, also push ups and squats but alternate days for those two. Tuesday I did a 20 sec plank, and 6 good push ups. I hope that I can increase those numbers every time I do them!

Today I did 30 squats and another 20 second plank. I've also been trying really hard to track points and drink lots of water. Check back next week to see how the rest of my week has gone...

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