Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weigh-in Day

It’s weigh-in day!!! 174!! I'm down another pound!!
I have to say I LOVE WEIGHT WATCHERS!!!  This past week I did not make the healthiest choices, I had some Gold Fever Wings from Ninety Nine, I did have them with a salad before I would have ordered fries too. The whole thing of wings was a whopping 34 points!! I had planned on only having a few at dinner (which I did), have a few more later on and then a few the next day at lunch. Well I had the rest later on that night.  It tasted so good when I was eating them but then after I felt like crap! It reminded me that fried greasy food like that might seem like it’s going to be delicious but in reality it’s really not. I’ve also decided I’m going to make my own version of Gold Fever Wings that’ll be healthy(ish).

Is there a food that you want so bad, but then when you have it, you regret it?

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