Monday, April 8, 2013

Sugar addict..

I've been debating and debating publishing this post...but I think that it might help others so here it goes..

I’m addicted to sugar, and junk foods (I’ve been told before that you can’t technically be addicted to sugar or junk food but to me that’s how I look at it). I can’t have just one bite or just one cookie; nope I want the whole thing. I am getting a lot better since starting weight watchers, it has helped me learn again how to eat in moderation and actually follow the serving guide. (Just so you know I'm not a registered dietitian or have a medical degree, this is just what has worked for me)

In April of 2012, I cut back my sugar to 12g of sugar per serving. (Just to note I do not count the sugars on fruits and vegetables). The first few days were hell, I'm not even exaggerating, it was awful. At this point I wasn't on Weight Watchers yet and I was eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, then to just stop cold was awful!

Also to add to this struggle it was Easter, my favorite candy holiday! KBeaner and my nieces and nephews would offer me some of their chocolate or jelly beans (OMG JELLY BEANS... my favorite candy in the whole wide world, if I had a bag of the Sweet Tart Jelly Beans or the Starburst Jelly Beans I could eat the whole bag by myself in a matter of days, honestly I could have eaten it all in one day but I didn't want to look bad), I had to say "no thanks" and I usually had to walk out of the room. Some of the times I wanted to cry. I just wanted some so bad! Now looking back
Thankfully I was at my parent's house, it was actually my Mom who inspired me to limit sugar, she hasn't had any, and I mean not even sugar free cakes or sweets since November of 2010. My mom is such an inspiration (although she doesn't think she is), she doesn't have more than 12 g of sugar per serving and she won't even have "fake sugar" desserts. My mom will even bake still for our family and friends, without having even a small bite or lick of the food. Now that is dedication, and inspiration to me!

I don't usually feel like I'm missing out on anything. I still have healthier versions of sweet treats but I always make sure that they are less than 12g sugar per serving, and I only eat a serving of them. During the holidays I made a low sugar version of Monkey Bread, I thought it was really delicious, and I didn't feel like crap after eating them. Also I made Skinny Cinnamon Buns they are low in points and low in sugar, they satisfied my craving for Cinnamon Buns after seeing a ton of ads for the Pillsbury kind. Honestly I like mine a lot better, again they were low in points, low in sugar and I don't feel gross after eating one. The key word there is one, before I would have had three or four and felt so sick, and guilty about eating those.

It’s been a year that I haven’t had more than 12 grams of sugar per serving, not going to lie, it’s been hard but it is so worth it! I am a happier person overall, it might be partly to do with my weight loss, but I probably wouldn’t have lost as much weight as I have had if I had not limited sugar. My skin is much clearer (even though it’s still not perfectly clear, it’s much better than it had been).I have more energy. I don’t get the sugar high and then come crashing down an hour later, just to need more sugar. I hope that this has motivated you to limit sugar, or to just look at how and what you're eating. Maybe even break the cycle!


  1. Hey lady!!!! So, you have no more than 12g of sugar per that 12g of sugar per day or just no more than 12g sugar in anything you eat? Brenna from MLFC

    1. Hey! Just no more than 12g per serving in anything I eat (unless it's fruit or veggie I don't pay attention to that). I want to start counting how many I have every day... but it seems daunting!

      Thanks for checking out my blog!!

  2. Okay, thanks for clarifying!!!! I will start trying to implement that into my eating!! Yeah, that does seen like a lot but you could do it!!!

    You're welcome, thank you for pointing me in your are a inspiration girl!!!